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The $168,873 bar tab, a new Toronto food craze, solving the jellyfish problem

The $168,873 bar tab, a new Toronto food craze, solving the jellyfish problem

• As Canadian taxpayers were hunkering down for an era of frugality, they were also footing the bill for civil servants who spent $168,873 on booze for the 2008-09 fiscal year, according to documents tabled at the House of Commons. Also high on the list expenditures: golf balls, which racked up $30,053. [Winnipeg Sun]

• Canadians want to eat healthier food, but they’re placing the blame elsewhere when asked why they don’t. A national survey of low- and middle-income households found that cost is the biggest barrier to Canadian families in their attempts to eat healthy. Fifty-five per cent of families surveyed said healthy food is too expensive; other popular excuses included insufficient willpower, followed by a lack of availability (though last time we checked, most grocery stores had a produce section). [CBC]

• Canning looks to be the next step in the locavore movement as urbanites congregate at canning demonstrations and preserve parties across the city, the Toronto Star reports. A local canner says the recession might have something to do with the surge in interest, but that most people just want to go back to the basics. [Toronto Star]

• A group of enterprising high-school students have found an inventive way of dealing with the giant jellyfish that have recently invaded the Sea of Japan. They have decided to ground up the freakishly large sea creatures (which can weigh up to 450 pounds) and turn them into–not sushi–but sweet and salty caramel, of all things. [Fast Company Magazine]

• After complaining of shortness of breath and general malaise for over two years, a North Carolina man finally had his health woes solved when doctors found a chunk of a plastic Wendy’s utensil in his lung. Neither the man nor the doctors know how the foreign object became lodged there, though the man admits he is a gulper. He says he is not in a rush to eat fast food any time soon. [Slashfood]


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