Swag roundup: The IT Lounge

Swag roundup: The IT Lounge

The venue: NKPR’s IT Lounge at the Windsor Arms Hotel, staffed by the most cheerful publicists of the festival. Must have been the complimentary cupcakes.

The stars: The Degrassi kids, Strombo, Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Benji Madden (with sunglasses on, natch) and Queen Latifah stocked up on loot from Olay, Goody, ACE, Esprit, Fila and Teva.

Feel-goodery: An option to donate gift bags to a charity auction for Big Brothers and Sisters, and to sign the Wall of Heroes. Mom and Dad received shout-outs, as did Oprah and Madonna. Wives, children and Jesus got one mention each. Agents got none.

Media treats: A candy bar, Fiji water by the crate and endless cupcakes in the media room.

Rating: 9/10, with extra credit given for the stylist who, without comment, flat-ironed even the stickiest heads during last week’s heat wave.—Katy P