Summerlicious Lunch Pick: Bymark’s B.C. halibut

Summerlicious Lunch Pick: Bymark’s B.C. halibut

Bymark’s B.C. halibut in a banana leaf, a main course on the restaurant’s regular menu, appears on its Summerlicious menu as well. (Image: Renée Suen)

Summerlicious officially launched last Friday (see our complete guide), and instead of serving a second-string menu, many restaurants, like Mark McEwan’s Bay Street standby Bymark, are offering plates from their regular roster at discounted prices. The B.C. halibut ($28), which is also available on the restaurant’s $25 Summerlicious menu, is a good thing in a small package—in this case, a package made of banana leaves. A server unwraps the grilled parcel tableside, unleashing a bouquet of ginger, thyme and coconut. Under the meaty fillet sit waxy Yukon gold fingerlings, golden beets, sweet cippolinis and leek hearts that have been steamed en papillote until tender. Fresh, house-baked multigrain and olive breads are perfect for sopping up every drop of the sweet, light coconut broth (avoid the whole deseeded bird’s-eye chili though). In keeping with the tropical theme, we wash it all down with a fresh lychee-orange-strawberry juice ($6.50).

The cost: $45 including tax, tip and drink; the main is one option on the $25 Summerlicious lunch menu

The time: a glorious 47 minutes on the patio, although Summerlicious crowds could bring delays.

Bymark, 66 Wellington St. W., 416-777-1144,