Your stories of friendship could win you an adventure from St-Rémy

Your stories of friendship could win you an adventure from St-Rémy

The brandy maker’s What Good Friends Are Made Of contest will send lucky winners on an unforgettable weekend

The best memories you’ll ever make are with good friends, the friends who ditch work to go on a last-minute road trip, who pick you up when you need a ride at 3am, who know when to keep confidences and when to share the details, who don’t care if you’re broke, who are the best family you could ask for.

But when life gets busy, we tend to lose touch. Weekends at the cottage and Friday night poker games turn into the odd text or Instagram like, until before you know it, months have gone by. But with good friends, the moment you get together again, it’s like no time has passed at all.

With its new What Good Friends Are Made Of contest, St-Rémy brandy is celebrating what the best friendships are all about, helping Canadians share the stories that make their friendships special and bringing a few lucky friends together for an unforgettable weekend adventure with their favourite people.

St-Rémy is the world’s favourite French brandy, prized by connoisseurs and critics alike since 1886. With more than 130 years of history, it’s a brand that knows all about loyalty, authentic connections and the importance of making good memories. Earlier this year, the brand unveiled a new look for its St-Rémy VSOP and St-Rémy XO brandies, inspired by the rediscovery of a heraldic lion—a “walking lion” symbolizing strength and protection—in the distiller’s archives.

To enter the contest, Canadians over the age of 19 can visit before December 12, 2018, to share stories, pictures and videos celebrating their best friendships. How did you meet? What are some of your craziest experiences together? What does being a good friend mean to you? Five groups of friends, four on each team, will be selected as finalists from everyone who shares their stories.

The finalists win a trip to Toronto to attend an on-camera casting session in mid-January where, over a St-Rémy brandy or two, they will have the chance to reminisce about past moments and create new memories together. Whether it’s the time they rescued someone from an almost-impossible dilemma to that wildest weekend ever, they’ll share what makes for a lasting, quality friendship.

The five finalist teams will have their stories shared on St-Rémy’s media channels. Between January 21 and February 8, 2019, the public will have the opportunity to cast their votes on for their favourite team.

St-Rémy will send the grand-prize-winning team away on the ultimate friendship weekend. The winners can choose from fantastic adventures like snowshoeing, snowmobiling and dogsledding along Quebec’s Saguenay Fjord; a fun-filled beach vacation in Miami, Florida; meeting polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba; visiting Hollywood movie studios in California; or parachute jumping and hiking in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, among other possibilities.

Visit before December 12, 2018, to share your friendship stories. The grand-prize-winning team will be announced after the public vote closes on February 8, 2019.