Scaramouche forgoes Winterlicious for Lobsterlicious

Scaramouche forgoes Winterlicious for Lobsterlicious


In order to boost business in the typically slow post-Christmas months, Keith Froggett’s fine-dining powerhouse, Scaramouche, has started serving a three-course prix fixe menu called Lobsterlicious ’09. But don’t confuse it with Winterlicious, an event in which Scaramouche has never participated. We spoke with Carl Korte, a partner at the restaurant, to find out why.

“Our customers find it turns other restaurants upside down and isn’t representative of what they do,” said Korte. Instead, Scaramouche’s partners saw an opportunity in falling lobster prices late last year and ordered a shipment of several thousand from Nova Scotia.

While the market price has increased since 2008, Scaramouche is hoping to extend the event past its current end date of February 10. Part of the decision to do so is a reaction to the economic climate, which Korte said has affected business. So far, the new menu (priced at $52) has brought in both new clientele and regular customers.

Lobster bisque, butter-poached lobster and lobster farfalle with leek, spinach and chard are some of the items on offer. A PDF version of the menu is available on Scaramouche’s Web site here.