Sarah Palin invokes God while defending meat eating, Timothy’s World Coffee sold, the $1-million cow

Sarah Palin invokes God while defending meat eating, Timothy’s World Coffee sold, the $1-million cow

Famed meat lover Sarah Palin (Photo by Roger H. Goun)

• Sarah Palin takes aim at vegetarians in her highly anticipated memoir, Going Rogue. The moose-hunting former governor’s justification for being a meat eater: “If God had not intended for us to eat animals, how come He made them out of meat?” Perhaps Palin should present her infallible logic to Hillary Clinton over carnivorous scones when the two meet for coffee. [Examiner]

• Paris no longer reigns supreme as the Michelin star capital of the world. With 11 three-star restaurants, Tokyo has inched ahead of the City of Light, which houses a meagre 10. Some observers say that comparing the two cities isn’t fair, as Tokyo is home to about 160,000 restaurants—about four times as many as Paris. [Bloomberg]

• A Holstein from P.E.I. can now join the ranks of cows to sell for over $1 million (there were only five in North America to earn the honour before her). Missy, as she is known, has been dubbed the “Claudia Schiffer of the milking parlour” for her looks, but the hefty price is largely attributable to her ability to produce 50 per cent more milk than the average cow—about 50 kilograms per day. Her appearance at this year’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto was deemed the highlight of the show. [Globe and Mail]

• As if officials at the U.S.-Mexico border didn’t have enough to worry about, they can now add seafood delicacies to their watch list. Two Chinese citizens were caught Sunday trying to smuggle over 300 pounds of sea cucumbers into the States. Sea cucumbers are often dried to use in Chinese soups and can fetch up to $45 a pound, but it’s illegal to import food into the U.S. without declaring it. [L.A. Times]

• Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc., a Vermont company, has purchased Timothy’s World Coffee for $165 million from Sun Capital Partners. The deal is expected to broaden distribution for the U.S. company’s coffee machines and single-serving beverage pods throughout Canada. They also plan to open a roastery in Toronto for their fair-trade beans. [Financial Post]