Raw milk on trial, Loblaws infestation, a match made at Starfish

Raw milk on trial, Loblaws infestation, a match made at Starfish

The front door of Dupont Loblaws is "closed" (Image: blogTO)

• The green “Pass” notices from Toronto Public Health are so ubiquitous, they barely even register anymore. But they certainly make the blood red “Closed” version all the more terrifying-especially when it’s on the door at the local Loblaws. The Dupont location is apparently infested with mice. [blogTO]

• Toronto joined culinary capitals Bedminster, New Jersey, and Billings, Montana, last week when American super-chain Salad Creations opened a franchise at College and Yonge. The roughage-boosting fast-food company plans to open at least 50 restaurants in Toronto and 250 in Canada over the next 10 years. [Sudbury Star]

• The owner of Starfish, Patrick “Shuckerpaddy” McMurray, launched his own blog recently, detailing his fun evening with AC/DC’s crew members, the arrival of Irish bivalves and his new role as voluntary matchmaker. [Shuckerpaddy’s Starfish Blog]

• Raw-milk enthusiast Michael Schmidt began presenting his defence yesterday at a courthouse in Newmarket. The Ontario farmer is defending himself in court after a 2006 raid on his property resulted in a charge of illegally selling unpasteurized milk. This is Schmidt’s second time in court, and he is lawyer-free once again. Is it just us, or is this issue lasting forever? [CBC]

• Toronto-based company Bevinco-which heretofore has been making sure our drinks aren’t too strong through its “beverage inventory control solution”-announced a new way for bars and restaurants to plaster their specials on in-house TV screens. Ad nauseam ads, coming soon to a meal near you. [Franchising]