Rapper would eat pterodactyl in defiance of PETA, Iron Chef scandal at the White House, Guy Fieri gets NBC show

Rapper would eat pterodactyl in defiance of PETA, Iron Chef scandal at the White House, Guy Fieri gets NBC show

• Some commenters believe that the recent White House–themed episode of Iron Chef was rigged with fake vegetables. The items Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay frantically picked from the White House garden were not the ones actually used during the cooking segment of the show. The Food Network explains that the production delay between White House filming and Kitchen Stadium (located in New York) necessitated the use of replacement veggies. If reality TV can lie about vegetables, does this mean that Jersey Shore could be trumped up, too? [Colbert Report]

• Kelis, the rapper whose milkshake famously brought all those boys to the yard, directs a MySpace blog post at PETA, which had written her a personalized letter about her love of fur. In the response, she is unapologetic about her pelt fetish and describes how she salivates over meat. The funniest moment is when she indicates that she would “eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious.” [MySpace]

•  Food writer Tim Hayward taste-tests fish paste and beef paste, two of his childhood favourites. Unsurprisingly, his adult self thinks the glop tastes foul. Of the beef paste, Hayward comments that it has a “non-specific meatiness on the cat food spectrum, with a light descant of metallic notes.” The sardine and tomato paste has “the consistency of baby poop.” [The Guardian]

• NBC is giving the host of cooking shows Guy’s Big Bite, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, and Guy off the Hook his own show. Guy Fieri, who ranks among the Food Network’s more obnoxious personalities, will host a game show called Minute to Win It, which is scheduled to premiere after the Vancouver Olympics. Between the Leno fiasco, Howie Do It and this new barnburner, NBC is really firing on all cylinders. [Chicago Tribune]

• Corbin, Kentucky, home of the first Kentucky Fried Chicken, is seeking funds for a 10-foot statue of Colonel Sanders. Not to be outdone, PETA has countered by applying for a permit to “place a life-size rendition of Colonel Sanders made entirely of chicken feces in downtown Corbin.” We look forward to PETA’s job posting for “sculptor.” [Grub Street]