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Momofuku’s David Chang launches President’s Choice’s pop-up shop

Momofuku's David Chang launches President's Choice's pop-up shop
(Image: Renée Suen)

On November 12, Loblaws unveiled its new line of President’s Choice products with some unlikely help from David Chang, who made an appearance at the new PC Insiders Collection Boutique on King West to speak about food innovation (and to kick off what’s essentially five weeks of free snacks). The pop-up boutique showcases more than 70 new products in four themed rooms (Dine, Mingle, Brunch and Gift Giving), and, from November 13 to December 19, Torontonians can go there to sample PC’s new holiday treats (like Speculoos Cookie Butter and Smoky Bacon–Flavoured Maple Syrup). Chang—who praised the company’s gochujang-sauced chicken wings—said it’s becoming more acceptable for restaurants to serve certain items that aren’t house-made (like Momofuku’s steamed buns, for example, which come from Brooklyn’s Peking Food). “When you’re put in a situation where you can get something from a trusted source, that’s what you use. I think PC’s a perfect example of that. We use their argan oil. I’m not kidding when I’m saying this, but their Black Label product is really good,” he said. “If you stop putting categories on where you get your food, all of a sudden supply becomes so great. As long as it’s delicious, and responsibly produced, who cares?”

November 13–December 19, 363 King St. W.


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