Pangaea honoured, grown-up kids’ food, Ontario’s mushroom recall

Pangaea honoured, grown-up kids’ food, Ontario’s mushroom recall

The delicious, salty kebab (Photo by Smeerch)

• The Ontario Hostelry Institute has announced that the owners of Yorkville’s Pangaea are the 2009 Gold Honourees in the category of Independent Restaurateurs. The award will be given at a Four Seasons Hotel black-tie gala in April. [Newswire]

• A recent survey by food standards officers has found that the average kebab contains 98 per cent of a person’s daily recommended salt intake and almost 150 per cent of the daily recommended intake of saturated fat. No wonder they’re so popular. [Reuters]

Listeria strikes again—maybe. Fresh Obsession brand enoki mushrooms possibly contaminated with the bacteria are being recalled from Metro stores across Ontario as a preventive measure. [Montreal Gazette]

• The “kid-adult-fusion” food movement is gaining momentum as households and restaurants start taking children’s health—and taste buds—more seriously. []

• As the ethical butcher fad gains steam, so does the faux-meat phenomenon. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will dish out $10,000 to a chef inventive enough to come up with a veggie rendition of foie gras. Just hold Marc Thuet back. [AZ Central]