Oprah gets a chocolate set because she’s Oprah

Oprah gets a chocolate set because she’s Oprah

The chocolate set (Photo from Harpo)

Last week, Oprah managed to hoard a supply of elusive Olympic mittens for her audience. Yesterday, her entire set was made out of Godiva chocolates, and she invited the audience to come up to the stage to eat it at the end of the show.

The set consisted of a grandfather clock, table, books, chess set, fireplace and a vase of flowers (all made of chocolate) and was created with 7,000 Godiva bars and 2,400 truffles over the course of 1,400 hours. There was also a chocolate chandelier made from 1,500 pieces of chocolate.

While impressive, this isn’t really the best way to promote the healthy living lifestyle Oprah touts all the time. What would Dr. Oz say about this?

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