Open Window may be closed for good

Open Window may be closed for good

Challah at the Open Window Bakery (Image: grongar)

Even delivery truck drivers were surprised to find that Open Window Bakery, one of Toronto’s most venerable family-run bakeries, had suddenly closed its doors earlier this week. According to the CBC, trucks were still making their way to Open Window’s flagship on Finch Avenue Tuesday morning, but were unable to unload.

The company’s chief operating officer, Gail Agasi, told the Star that 2008’s economic downturn, plus changing customer habits, hurt the business. “As consumers started watching their pennies, they weren’t choosing our products,” she said. “It’s because we don’t compromise on quality. A lot of this stuff is still made by hand.” She was hopeful that outside investors would come in to save the day, but for now, all of the company’s employees—some of whom were with the company for over 30 years—are out of work.

Open Window was in business for over 50 years, selling European-style baked goods at such retail outlets as Longo’s and Highland farms, as well as smaller grocery and corner stores.

We hate to see the place go—a good rye is always nice to find—but prospects seem dismal. The Sun reports that the company is insolvent and owes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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