Open season: Moroco Chocolat unveils its summer patio

Open season: Moroco Chocolat unveils its summer patio

Choco-naught: The dipped fruit provided the only chocolate at Moroco's patio opening (Photo by Karon Liu)

We expected an evening of mocha-fuelled madness at the opening of Yorkville’s Moroco Chocolat’s patio last week. Instead we were served mini-drumsticks, gooey ham and cheese sandwiches, and goat cheese topped with raspberries. Delicious? Sure—comfort food is always in vogue. But those looking for a free sample of the café’s famous macaroons and truffles were sorely disappointed.

Surf and turf: The literal is alive and well at Moroco

Still, the crowd remained lively and chatty over Moroco’s new summer cocktails: the Kiwi Kraze (Belvedere vodka, kiwi juice and a chocolate-dipped kiwi garnish) and the Cha Cha (a raspberry liqueur and Chandon mixture topped with a chocolate-dipped raspberry). The kiwi cocktail turned watery within minutes due to over-icing, but its ruby counterpart remained sweet and bubbly. Sadly, the garnishes were the only chocolate offerings that night.

Moroco’s patio is in a rather peculiar place. Set in front of the store and half hidden by the magazine shop, the terrace is only semi-private. Those familiar with Moroco’s furnishings will be happy to know that the aesthetic spills outside with giant white Victorian-style chairs and monogrammed lavender pillows. The decor plays on the space’s front yard–like location with apple green shag carpets, stools in the shape of toads (toadstools!) and white garden gnomes. The look, which is how we imagine Teatro Verde would tackle the set of Alice in Wonderland, is complete with an Astroturf hedge, perhaps to keep its VIPs from playing on the street.

Among those spotted (after we played a rousing game of “Shoot, what’s his name?” with reps from Flare and the Toronto Sun) were makeup artist and occasional Canada’s Next Top Model judge Paul Venoit, Sun TV food critic Marty Galin and OMNI TV host Pay Chen.