Cold Ones: five of our favourite Ontario craft beers for the summer

Cold Ones: five of our favourite Ontario craft beers for the summer

There have never been more ways to enjoy Ontario craft beer, in every corner of the city. Here are our favourites

Wag the Wolf Hopfenweisse
Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co.
This hop-heavy, organic Bavarian-style wheat beer has characteristic banana and citrus notes, hazy golden colour, and a dry, slightly bitter finish. Perfect for cottage barbecues or post-portage knackwurst roasts. $7.95. LCBO 385377

Heller Highwater
Kichesippi Beer Company
A subtle beer that, with its relatively low alcohol content, you could sip all afternoon. A Munich helles lager, it’s light and clean, with an approachable malt flavour and a slightly grassy aftertaste. Fill up a poolside cooler. $2.75. LCBO 414441

Mojo Citra Rhubarb Wheat Ale
Forked River Brewing Company
While some fruit wheat beers can be too sweet, this one goes in the opposite direction. The rhubarb flavour is subdued but bracingly tart, and citra hops lend a musky kick. Tuck a few in the picnic basket when you next head to the Island. $3.95. LCBO 424184

Pengo Pally
Bush Pilot Brewing Company
This saison is brewed with wild arctic herbs like crowberry and Labrador tea. It’s floral and spicy, with a slightly piney aftertaste. The name’s a reference to Johnny May, the first Inuk bush pilot to serve the eastern Arctic (“pengo pally” means “I miss you” in Inuktitut). Recommended for long fishing trips. $9.95. LCBO 426734

Fruitstand Watermelon Wheat
Kensington Brewing Company
A light, refreshing ale (not strictly a wheat beer, despite the name) brewed in homage to Kensington Market’s many fruit and veggie stands. Fresh watermelon juice lends a slight Jolly Rancher flavour, tempered by a good bite. Great for boozy baby showers. $2.95. LCBO 422873