Monogram and Alo’s Patrick Kriss craft a bespoke dining experience to thank our frontline healthcare workers

Monogram and Alo’s Patrick Kriss craft a bespoke dining experience to thank our frontline healthcare workers

Know a frontline healthcare worker? Nominate them for a chance to enjoy a stunning 5-course exclusive dining experience curated by Kriss using the new Monogram Professional Range

Beautiful things tend to happen when sharing an incredible meal. Around the dinner table, we celebrate victories, mourn losses and thank each other. If this past year has shown us anything, it’s that we’re stronger when we come together.

No one knows this reality more intimately than Canada’s frontline healthcare workers. In March 2020, nurses, doctors, personal support workers and more were asked to do the unthinkable—to put their lives on the line, pause everything as they knew it and help save lives as COVID-19 spread across the country. They’ve been fighting in the trenches of a global pandemic, sacrificing their safety for a cause bigger than all of us. Better, healthier days are on the horizon for everyone, thanks to them.

A proper night out is an indulgence that we collectively took for granted before the world as we knew it was forever changed. It was especially a privilege lost for our healthcare workers and this sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. Canada’s most prestigious appliance brand, Monogram, is teaming up with world-renowned chef, Patrick Kriss, to give these heroes something extra special: an unforgettable dining experience conceived by Kriss himself using the new Monogram Professional Range on September 19, 2021.

Chef Patrick Kriss
Chef Patrick Kriss

Kriss will be serving up five beautifully prepared courses to honour and give back to a group of frontline workers. The call for nominations is now open until September 9, 2021, please find the form below.

Monogram is familiar with meticulous craftsmanship and intense attention to detail. Providing an unparalleled cooking experience, the new Professional Range brings all the power and precision demanded by the world’s finest chefs into homes everywhere. World-renowned chefs expect their cooking tools to match their desire to create perfect dishes. As a result, Michelin-pedigreed artists like Patrick Kriss most often choose Monogram.  

Kriss is an icon in Toronto’s fine dining scene as the talented chef behind his award-winning restaurants Alo, Alobar and Aloette. During the pandemic, he brought what was known as the city’s finest dining experience home, offering a lavish 10-course take-out tasting menu. His career began at Auberge du Pommier in Toronto before relocating to New York to work as a sous chef under Daniel Boulud. Before returning to Toronto, he worked at Régis Marcon and La Maison Troigros in France. Since then, Kriss has gone on to become one of Canada’s best chefs and recognized internationally on San Pelligrino’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Dish from Alo
Courtesy of Alo

Nominate a frontline worker to be honoured and take a night off with this one-of-a-kind meal experience on September 19, 2021. Please submit all nominations by September 9, 2021.