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Scaddabush ups their pizza game to become one of the top places for authentic Italian pizza in the city

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The eight new pies were inspired by a “pizza pilgrimage” to Italy

Scaddabush ups their pizza game to become one of the top places for authentic Italian pizza in the city

Scaddabush opened their first location—a sprawling Italian restaurant packed with farmhouse tables, vintage chandeliers and cozy bookshelves—in 2013 at Mississauga’s Square One Shopping Centre. Throughout the past six years, the place has become known for its lively, welcoming atmosphere and Italian-inspired staples that are guaranteed to satisfy any type of diner (think: fresh hand-stretched mozzarella, panko-crusted chicken parmesan and a burger topped with mozzarella, bruschetta and pesto aioli). Recently, the restaurant launched a selection of eight new premium artisanal pizzas that were developed following a “pizza pilgrimage” to Italy. During the expedition, Scaddabush chefs worked directly with Italian pizzaiolos to create a new menu that would pay tribute to Neapolitan and Roman techniques. The new pizza lineup uses time-honoured Italian practices, traditional recipes, and premium ingredients like imported sweet DOP-certified San Marzano tomatoes and imported Italian-milled “doppio zero” flour. The dough is prepped over 48 hours, hand-stretched and baked at 700 degrees in a piping-hot pizza oven, resulting in a first bite that’s delectably crisp and mouth-wateringly savoury.

Scaddabush ups their pizza game to become one of the top places for authentic Italian pizza in the city

Here are a few of the artisanal pizzas you can find on the new menu:

The Margherita ($16.95)

This twist on the classic margherita pizza is made with a tomato base, pecorino cheese and plenty of fresh basil. It’s also garnished with house-dried tomatoes and a splash of basil oil for a delightfully simple mix of sweet and savoury flavours.

The Americano ($17.95)

One of our favourites, this scrumptious pizza is piled high with Ezzo Pepperoni and pecorino cheese. A dusting of wild Italian oregano and the restaurant’s signature Scaddabush spice give it an added burst of flavour.

Scaddabush ups their pizza game to become one of the top places for authentic Italian pizza in the city

The Smoked Bacon and Egg ($18.95)


This indulgent pizza is perfect for morning-after eats. It’s topped with a whole bunch of brunch-approved ingredients, including double-smoked bacon, Berkshire sausage, fried russet potatoes and two freshly cracked eggs. It’s got a rich alfredo sauce base, and is garnished with caramelized onions, chilies and chives.

The Mario ($19.45)

Prosciutto fans will swoon over this tomato pizza, which is piled high with the Italian cured meat and arugula. It’s topped with house-dried tomatoes, pecorino cheese and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

The Butcher ($19.45)

In this take on a meat-lovers’ pizza, Scaddabush combines bacon, Berkshire sausage and Ezzo Pepperoni with tomato sauce, pecorino cheese, roasted garlic and red onions for mouthfuls of satisfying flavour combos.


The Sophia ($19.45)

A lunchtime classic, the Sophia is made with a base of alfredo sauce, and topped with roasted chicken, goat cheese and roasted red peppers. Garlic, caramelized onions and basil give the flavours a boost of acidity and freshness.

The Pimavera ($18.45)

If you’re in the mood for roasted Mediterranean veggies, this pizza has them all. On a base of alfredo sauce and goat cheese, the chefs stack roasted zucchini, eggplant, red peppers, garlic and tomatoes. It’s garnished with caramelized onions and basil oil.

The Funghi ($18.45)


Rich and decadent, the Funghi has an alfredo sauce base, which is layered with a mix of oyster and cremini mushrooms. It’s drizzled in truffle oil and topped with pecorino cheese, caramelized onions and chilies.

To try the above creations yourself, visit a Scaddabush restaurant near you, or order online today.


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