How Grey Goose’s Global Ambassador hosts a party

How Grey Goose’s Global Ambassador hosts a party

How to host, by Joe McCanta


Hosting is my passion. So much so that I can’t resist planning everything. That way I’m free to relax and enjoy the party when the festivities begin. To begin, I like to link food and drink and find ways the two can intersect. Pairing food and drink is like pairing people—opposites attract. Take hearty flavours and cut through them with bright acidity. Plan how you’ll serve your drinks.

One of my favourite cookbooks is the Ottolenghi, with its delicious canapés and salads. These can be prepared ahead so the only thing you need to do when guests arrive is serve. Even for our top Grey Goose events, I mix every ingredient for the cocktails in advance, except the ice, the vodka and anything effervescent. Just remember to stir your batch before serving as citrus and sugar can separate.

I like to plan the first part of an event around connecting people: maybe it’s a punch that everyone shares or a martini cocktail station with a variety of ingredients that encourages guests to experiment and personalize their drinks.

Above all, enjoy this time of year. It’s when we share great moments with the people who matter most to us.
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