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Weekly Lunch Pick: a rib-sticking sandwich on a breezy patio at Museum Tavern

Weekly Lunch Pick: a rib-sticking sandwich on a breezy patio at Museum Tavern
(Images: Renée Suen)

Outdoor lunch spots with a nice view are few and far between, which makes the newly opened Museum Tavern, looking onto the ROM Crystal, a welcome addition to this quickly changing stretch of Bloor Street. The menu, from executive chef Steven Gouzopoulos, features all-American classics given slight, thoughtful twists. 

The pulled lamb torpedo ($15) is a mini sub stuffed with tender braised lamb that’s coated in a sticky, thick harissa-spiked sauce, creamy chèvre, pitted green olives and bright arugula pesto, all on a spongy-soft baguette from Golden Wheat. It’s served with a buttermilk-dressed cauliflower slaw, which balances out the substantial sandwich, and a little tin cup overflowing with addictive thin golden frites. Although Moses McIntee’s drinks list is mighty tempting, it’s a little early for a cocktail, so we go with the waiter’s suggestion of a virgin drink instead, and ask for something a little tart. The result: a zingy lime and mint–muddled virgin mojito ($7) that’s littered with lovely crushed bing cherries and tastes like the best carnival snow cone we’ve ever had (in a good way).

The cost: $29, including tax and tip.

The time: 29 minutes enjoying the last gasps of summer on the restaurant’s second-floor terrace.

Museum Tavern, 208 Bloor St. W. (at Avenue, across from the ROM), 416-920-0110,, @MuseumTavern


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