More recession-struck boîtes go belly up

More recession-struck boîtes go belly up

Restos and the recession: the shuttering continues (Photo by The Truth about Colin)

Although the stock exchange is out of meltdown mode, restaurants are still suffering the aftershocks of recession. We’ve already eulogized Cru, Jamie Kennedy at the Gardiner, Perigee and Cluck Grunt and Low. Unfortunately, the culling continues. Here, we round up another bunch of dearly departed.

Minimarket, the hyphen-inducing Asian-fusion, tapas-style resto-bar on College, closed its doors at the end of April. The Supermarket mothership on Augusta promises to provide such Minimarket favourites as the tuna tataki.

• If the goal is to perish without regrets, then Liberty Village lounge No Regrets might just have lived—and died—the dream. Part restaurant and part club, the split-level space was industrial chic with elbow room for up to 200 scene-seekers. But the powers that be posted a notice in the window earlier this spring revealing that rent was in arrears.

• The gourmet grocery Per Se has sold its last yellow beet salad. Opened for a mere 18 months, the demise of this posh gastronomic boutique might be proof that shoppers will forgo organics when money is tight. (All eyes are on Mark McEwan’s upmarket food shop in North York, opening in June.)

• Retro-chic Rok Boutique might have partied a little too hard this season. The screaming pink ’80s-inspired metal bar played its last Slayer track about a month ago, but hardcore fans can head to nearby Bovine Sex Club for the next best Poison-heavy playlist. Perm not included.

[UPDATE: An entry for Pulp Kitchen was erroneously published in this list. It has been removed. —Staff]