A naturally light summer vino perfect for any occasion

A naturally light summer vino perfect for any occasion

Crisp and refreshing with low-alcohol content, this wine is a crowd-pleaser at any table

The season for all things al fresco is almost here! Dust off the patio furniture and prepare for the warm, sun-soaked meals of summer, best enjoyed alongside a glass of the all-new Mezzacorona N°9 Naturally Light Pinot Grigio—a naturally low-alcohol wine that’s perfect for afternoons at the cottage, evenings on the terrace and everything in between. 

Tastefully crafted

Born and raised in the Italian Alps, this bright, luscious Pinot Grigio comes from the mountainous, high-elevation region of Trentino. 

Sourced from high-altitude vineyards, Alpine wines have a uniquely refreshing cool-climate acid that makes them crisp and inviting. Plus, with the added benefit of less sugar having developed in the grapes, these wines tend to be naturally lower in alcohol, often under 13 per cent.

Mezzacorona No.9 Pinot Grigio by Woodman Wines and Spirits bottle and glass beside a plate of bread with pink flowers behind
Lighter by nature

Lower-alcohol beverages—and increasingly, alcohol-free alternatives—are all the rage right now as they have fewer calories, are easier to drink in moderation and pair easily with food. 

In fact, sommeliers find that higher-alcohol wines can subdue more nuanced flavours in food, making lighter wines like Mezzacorona N°9 the preferred choice for a wider range of cuisines. This no-fuss, low-alcohol white wine is the all-new versatile vino in the Woodman Wines & Spirits Mezzacorona portfolio.

Known for its youthful, aromatic profile, Mezzacorona N°9 brings the best qualities of an often-underrated grape to the forefront, all with just nine per cent alcohol. It’s also vegan, gluten-free and naturally made without aggressive dealcoholizing.

Sensory splendor

On the nose, you’ll find a rustic richness, almost reminiscent of bales of hay, contrasted against delicate white florals and zesty, fresh citrus. 

Take a sip and discover layers of complexity that may come as a surprise for a light wine. Fruity notes of Golden Delicious apple and ripe Bartlett pear as well as subtle hints of stone fruit are followed by an almond-like nuttiness, a sprinkle of dried Alpine herbs and a tangy, silky and slightly saline finish.

Mezzacorona No.9 Pinot Grigio bottle and glass of wine with the Toronto skyline behind
Pair and share

Delicious on its own and even better with food, this budget-friendly crowd-pleaser available at the LCBO is not only perfect to drink on its own, it also pairs well with a wide array of foods, from crispy crudités to all things grilled, roasted and charred. 

Need a quick and tasty pairing? Its subtle creaminess works wonderfully with fresh summer vegetables like cucumber, endives and radishes, matched with an artful assortment of such colourful dips as beet and walnut, lemony labneh and guacamole. 

Its rich body and pungent aromatics work equally well with hot dishes like grilled vegetable skewers and cheesy stuffed portobellos—simple but effective entrées that can feed (and more importantly, impress) any size of crowd. 

Served chilled, Mezzacorona N°9 will easily complement any dish with its naturally low alcohol content and leave you refreshed without feeling burdened. 

So whether you’re sipping by the lake, lounging at the cottage or hosting loved ones in your own backyard, pick up a bottle or two of Mezzacorona N°9 Naturally Light Pinot Grigio at the LCBO—you’ll thank us later.