This new food truck serves Singaporean tacos and deep-fried savoury balls

This new food truck serves Singaporean tacos and deep-fried savoury balls

(Image: Me.n.u/Facebook)

A little while back, a Toronto restaurateur played a big joke on the city’s food followers by spending months hyping a restaurant that was 100-per-cent fake, complete with a misleading storefront on Queen West and pretend menus that sounded just like what they were: parodies of Toronto’s obsession with trendy, over-the-top fusion food. The lineup of snacks at Me.n.u, the city’s newest food truck, sounds kind of similar—right down to the punny dish names (e.g. a shrimp-wonton platter is called “Wontonamo Bay”). Me.n.u is not an elaborate hoax, though, which means Torontonians will soon have a chance to sample Peking-duck poutine, Singaporean tacos and hamburgers with compressed-rice patties instead of buns.

Started by Allen Tan and Bryan Siu-Chong, a pair of McMaster grads with no professional culinary training, Me.n.u (pronounced “Me and you”) began popping up at food festivals around this time last year. Its specialty was deep-fried rice balls (sort of like Italian arancini) stuffed with things like bulgogi beef (“Gangnam Style”) and Hainanese chicken (“Angry Birds”). This year, Tan and Siu-Chong graduated to a proper restaurant kitchen on the grounds at Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton, where they’ll be operating a temporary lunch counter during the summer. They’ll also be prepping food for their new food truck, which starts making its rounds this weekend.

Those curious to sample some of Me.n.u’s mixed-up snacks can head to the launch party, which is happening this Saturday, June 14, at the corner of Queen and University.