Matthew DeMille, formerly of Parts and Labour, takes the helm as Enoteca Sociale’s new chef

Matthew DeMille, formerly of Parts and Labour, takes the helm as Enoteca Sociale’s new chef

Rocco Agostino and Matthew DeMille, both of Enoteca Sociale (Image: Renée Suen)

Earlier this month, Enoteca Sociale, the popular west-end Italian wine bar, posted a notice on their website that their long search for a new chef was over. Executive chef and co-owner Rocco Agostino told us that the restaurant was looking for someone willing to take the concept of the Roman-style wine bar and make it their own. Their pick? Matthew DeMille, most recently known as Matty Matheson’s sous chef at Parts and Labour; his new gig starts tomorrow.

The new chef tells us that he knew the position was a good fit from the moment he was approached by Enoteca co-owner Daniel Clarke, whom DeMille had first met at Brassaii. “It’s the philosophy—we were on the same level as far as the food and flavour are concerned,” he said. “When I came to the kitchen for the first time, I saw that there was this push from the cooks—the way they moved, talked and shook my hand—the overall push that you don’t get in a lot of places. There was this buzz that just draws you in.”

DeMille speaks favourably about his new boss, telling us that “as a young chef, you need a mentor and to keep learning.” This includes extracurricular education, like cheese courses at the Cheese Boutique, and visiting market vendors. DeMille will also get to develop his knowledge of food and wine pairing, something that’s an obvious focus at Enoteca under sommelier Lesa LaPointe.

However, DeMille tells us he’s most looking forward to getting to know and work with the staff, especially since the oft-changing menu is a collaborative project between all members of the kitchen. For Agostino, having DeMille at the helm will provide allow him to focus his attention on the second Pizzeria Libretto location (which will be opening up on the Danforth) and spend more time with his family.

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