Marben set to host Toronto’s latest sausage fest on Wednesday nights

Marben set to host Toronto’s latest sausage fest on Wednesday nights

Completing its transition from King West chic to rustic barnyard, Marben has announced it’s hosting the first annual Marben Sausage League. Over the next five months, 12 chefs from some of Toronto’s hottest restaurants—including C5, The Harbord Room, La Palette and Parts and Labour—will compete for the title of “Sausage Champion.”

On select Wednesday nights starting May 11, chefs will pit their hand-made sausages against those of their competitors. For $25, guests will receive a Sausage League 2011 menu, including the evening’s two competing sausages, and additional sides (we’re guessing Steam Whistle will be heavily represented, since they’re sponsoring). At the end of the meal, diners will get the chance to vote on which sausage reigns supreme. The chef who wins moves on to the next round until the final three-way showdown, which takes place September 28. Frankly, with Top Chef Canada currently airing, we couldn’t be more primed for the intra-Toronto restaurant competition.

Below, the schedule of Sausage League 2011 events taking place at Marben from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Reservations recommended.

Round A:

May 11: The Hardbord Room vs. The Drake Hotel
June 22: The Stop Community Food Centre vs. Table 17

Round B:

May 25: Marron Bistro Modern vs. C5
July 6: The Healthy Butcher vs. Trevor Kitchen and Bar

Round C:

June 8: La Palette vs. Parts and Labour
June 27: Torito vs. Pizzeria Libretto and Enoteca Sociale


Aug 10: Winners of Round A
Aug 24: Winners of Round B
Sept 21: Winners of Round C


Sept 28: Three-chef contest with winners from Rounds A, B and C

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