Lift The Spirits Of Everyone On Your List This Holiday Season

Lift The Spirits Of Everyone On Your List This Holiday Season

Most can agree that a well-stocked home bar is a must, but not all spirits (or the spirit sippers) are created equally. However, we’ve got you covered. Find the perfect bottle for everyone on your list—from the Netflix-and-chill types to the would-be travellers—this holiday season.

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 23-Year-Old Rum
LCBO, $75.15.

This rum is the ideal gift for the person who appreciates the classics—be it movies, books or, in this case, spirits. Crafted using a family recipe for more than a century, it’s a timeless, Cuban-style rum. And with notes of brown butter, dried orange, clove and smoke, it’s basically the holidays in a glass.

Gran Centenario Añejo Tequila
LCBO, $50.95.

Give the world traveller on your list a virtual vacation this year. A bottle of Mexico’s #1 tequila is as close as they’re going to get to a round-trip ticket to the country itself—and while they may not get a tan, a few sips of this rich and super-smooth blend made using the Selección Suave process is sure to make them glow.


Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia Extra Añejo Tequila
LCBO, $194.95.

We all know this person—the one who used to think tequila was a good idea whether it was a wedding or just a Wednesday night. But over the years they’ve matured, just like this tequila. Made from single-estate blue agave and aged in oak barrels for up to 30 years, it’s the world’s first extra-añejo tequila. Tasting of vanilla, toasted almonds and cinnamon, it’s still best enjoyed lightly chilled and neat—but sipped this time.

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, LCBO, $69.20.

The O.G. American single malt in the USA also happens to be a very artisanal creation. The honey-coloured elixir is double distilled in small batches, aged at a high altitude and—get this—hand-bottled. Anyone who values uniqueness and craftsmanship will appreciate everything that goes into a bottle of this whiskey.



Bushmills 10-Year-Old Single Malt
LCBO, $49.95.

From the world’s oldest whiskey distillery comes this award-winning Single Malt. Aged in bourbon casks, triple distilled and tasting of stone fruit, honey and vanilla, it’s like drinking liquid gold. Enjoy it neat or over ice, and paired with a roaring backyard bonfire (long johns sold separately).

Maestro Dobel Diamante Cristalino Tequila
LCBO, $64.95.

Don’t let the crystal-clear colour of this tequila fool you—it just looks really good for its age. The blend of Extra-Añejo, Añejo and Reposado tequilas is double-filtered through charcoal after it has completed its aging process to remove any of the usual colour associated with barrel aging. It’s the world’s first cristalino tequila and all of the sweet caramel, honey and vanilla flavours belie its youthful appearance. As for what to get your trend-setting friends or family members, the choice is (ahem) clear.

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