Plant-based caviar, high-fashion panettone and more last-minute gift ideas for foodies

Plant-based caviar, high-fashion panettone and more last-minute gift ideas for foodies

For when a bottle of wine and box of chocolates just won’t do

We regret to inform you that there’s but one week left to get any holiday shopping done. And while the easy way out usually involves a trip to the LCBO, we’ve compiled a list of thoughtful (albeit last-minute) gift ideas for any epicures on your list.

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In The Kitchen culinary experience
Kitchen tips and tricks from Toronto’s top talent

Into the Kitchen is a new immersive culinary experience that invites participants into the kitchens of some of Toronto’s top chefs, including Craig Harding, Cory Vitiello and Nick Liu. On top of hanging out with the talent, guests will also have the chance to get their hands dirty. But the work will be worth it when it culminates in a multi-course tasting dinner.

A cast-iron pan from a celeb chef

Matty Matheson designed this 10-inch cast-iron pan, in collaboration with Castor Design, with a cook’s safety in mind. Unlike other cast-iron pans, this sturdy beast features an extra-long handle so that grabbing it sans oven mitts won’t result in a holiday at the hospital.

The it grill of 2023

This binchotan burner will be the envy of any Big Green Egg owner in town. The portable Japanese charcoal barbecue burns hotter, longer and cleaner than any other charcoal grill and is the perfect size for a family meal of yakitori or a couple of A5 Wagyu steaks. Find it at Knifewear in the Annex.

A box of plant-based curry buns

These chewy, pillowy plant-based pastries from Tsuchi Cafe land somewhere between vegetarian patties and savoury donuts. Forget the parsley and sage—these Japanese hot pockets are filled with a curry paste of ginger, turmeric, kombu, tomato and Impossible ground “beef,” then coated with Panko and deep-fried to golden perfection.

Unseen World mushroom log

Fun with fungi

For the mycophile on your list, how about a mushroom log? All this fungus-growing hunk of ethically sourced wood requires for its umami output is a shady spot in a yard, some water and a lot of love. The result: a shiitake-ton of mushrooms.

Direct-to-door truffles

Save the pig for the Christmas ham and get fresh Winter Périgord or White Alba truffles delivered to any gourmand’s doorstep with the click of a button using Toronto-based Lot 25 delivery service.

A gingerbread house

Make home ownership possible with this charming 14-piece kit from west-end bakery Moonmilk. The deluxe edible edifice comes with quick-dry royal icing, chocolate “clay” and four extra gingerbread cookies—so nobody accidentally eats any of the load-bearing walls before the build is finished.

A T-shirt for pizza devotees

Nothing says “I love you” like waiting in a snaking outdoor lineup for a branded tee, hat or hoodie from Pizzeria Badiali, the famous Dovercourt slice shop. (Available only in store, not online.)

Vogue panettone

An over-the-top panettone

Take an obvious hostess gift and make it a bit extra this year with one of these fancy-tinned pistachio-cream panettone. This unexpected collaboration between Vogue magazine and fine Italian pastry company Lazzaroni is the perfect (if not slightly pretentious) way to say buon Natale! Find them at Pusateri’s.

Eco-friendly fish eggs

Formulated in Toronto, Caviarium is an entirely plant-based caviar alternative that comes in many convincing varieties, including wild beluga sturgeon, blue scampi pearls and snail eggs. For the fancy yet eco-conscious foodies on your list.

A build-your-own gift bag of Mexican goodies

For the taco-obsessed, it’s hard to beat a customized loot bag of sauces, chips, tortillas, tamales, stone-ground masa and quite possibly the city’s best salsa macha, all from Toronto’s own top-notch tortilleria, Maizal.