Jessi Cruickshank moves to L.A., MTV cancels the After Show

Jessi Cruickshank moves to L.A., MTV cancels the After Show

One of our favourite moments (Image: YouTube)

After our favourite fiery-haired MTV host, Jessi Cruickshank, confirmed that she was moving to L.A. for a still-secret job, MTV has canned her reality show recap show The After Show. Apparently, the prospect of Dan Levy hosting the show solo or with Cruickshank’s Kelly Ripa replacement wasn’t palatable to the station’s execs. MTV VP Brad Schwartz said they “can’t imagine doing ‘The After Show’ without both Dan and Jessi together; it just wouldn’t be the same.” Have no fear, Levy fans, he’s getting his own show this fall, though the details haven’t been confirmed. To say farewell to the beloved reality show recap show, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite recent After Show moments, after the jump.

Favourite Moment No. 1: in which Jessi interviews Twilight star Taylor Lautner

Favourite Moment No. 2: in which Hills star Heidi Montag gives Spencer Pratt a lap dance in front of Jessi

Favourite Moment No. 3: in which Dan calls Kristen Stewart a bitch

All videos of the incident were removed from MTV and from YouTube. Harrumph.

Favourite Moment No. 4: in which Heidi Montag prays with Jessi for the Hills’ success

Favourite Moment No. 5: in which Dan goes shirtless on the show after promising to achieve a Taylor Lautner-esque physique