Jamie Kennedy brings his signature fries to the Air Canada Centre

Jamie Kennedy brings his signature fries to the Air Canada Centre

JK performs the fry toss (Image: Karon Liu)

Right on the heels of chef Tyler Florence bringing his grapes to the Rogers Centre, Jamie Kennedy is bringing his potatoes to the Air Canada Centre. The chef and the ACC partnered over the summer, and now Kennedy’s signature item will be served at the venue from his own fry stand. “We’re raising the bar on stadium food,” says Kennedy. “We’re contributing to food culture in a way and this is a vehicle for us to reach out to more people.”

His famous fries, which have been available at his restaurants across the city, are thick cuts of organic Yukon potatoes tossed with a combination of fine salt (for flavour), coarse salt (for texture) and thyme (for that extra kick). Add a dollop of chili mayonnaise or sprinkle of cider vinegar and it’s like dining at the old Wine Bar. A snack-sized portion of the fries, served in a paper cone, costs $6.50 (though steep, the price is pretty on par with stadium concessions).

Also new at the ACC are hotdogs from Burkie’s Dog House. A cartoon rendering of Leafs GM Brian Burke beckons sports fans to try items like the Coney dog (essentially a chili cheese dog) and the BLT dog  (strips of bacon wrapped around sausage).

When asked what else he plans on introducing on the menu at the ACC, Kennedy says he’s taking it slow. He noted that there are many parameters to consider when introducing stadium food, like the ability to make large quantities of it in a limited time (he expects to go through six bushels of potatoes per game for the fries) and the ability to carry it around and eat in one’s lap.

Duck confit corn dogs, perhaps?

Jamie Kennedy Fries, 300 Level (near Section 322) of the Air Canada Centre, 400 Bay St.