“It’s the nectar of the gods”: Why these Torontonians lined up in the cold to be the first to buy White Claw

“It’s the nectar of the gods”: Why these Torontonians lined up in the cold to be the first to buy White Claw

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The drink that launched a million memes (and one hilarious tattoo) is finally in Canada. White Claw—the low-cal hard seltzer with a cult following—is now available at all LCBO stores. It went on sale at the Front and Spadina location one day earlier than everywhere else, prompting die-hard fans and the curious to line up on a freezing cold morning for their chance to score a case (or three). We asked them if it was worth it.

Daniel Mazur

25-year-old banker

Whyyyyy? I guess it’ll be cool having friends over today and being the first to get it, and we live right next door, so it’s very convenient.

Have you tried it before? Yes. Every time I go to the States, I bring as many back as we can.

Tim Daly

25-year-old law student

Whyyyyy? I have a formal tonight, so I’m pretty excited to bust out a couple of these bad boys.

Have you tried it before? Yes, I’ve had it before and it’s definitely worth the hype. It’s the nectar of the gods.

Silvia Stajer

21-year-old kinesiology student

Whyyyyy? For the hype! I’m a huge White Claw fan and everyone knows it, so I gotta keep up with the rep.

So I guess you’ve had it before? Oh yeah, huge fan. The bubbles are so different than any other vodka soda drink, and the black cherry flavour actually tastes natural.

Mitchell Clark

29-year-old finance worker

Melissa Bank

29-year-old entrepreneur

Whyyyyy? Melissa: We want to get some before it sells out—we’re running low.

Have you tried it before? Mitchell: Yes. Every time we’re in the U.S. we get it, so it’s a nice treat that it’s finally here.

Adrianna Browne

19-year-old forensic science student

Whyyyyy? My friends and I just decided last night to come line up.

Have you tried it before? No, and I don’t know what it’s all about.

Madison Riddolls

29-year-old marketer

Whyyyyy? I wasn’t intending on lining up, I was just planning to get here at 9 a.m. I was going for breakfast with friends first and we saw there was a lineup, so we figured we’d better get in line. You never know, they might only have had two cases!

Have you tried it before? Of course, it’s the best thing. I find White Claw has a lot of flavour for only being 100 calories per can.

Katy Schyuler

30-year-old commercial realtor

Whyyyyy? It’s going to sell out and I need at least a case or two to take home.

Have you tried it before? Oh yeah, I discovered it in California, and now every single time I go to the States I bring at least a case back.

Ken Chow

28-year-old sales rep (for a competing beverage company)

Whyyyyy? Just to see what the big buzz is about. I’ve heard a lot about this seltzer phenomenon and I wanna see what it’s all about.

Have you ever tried it before? Nope.

Dan LaFrance

24-year-old engineer-in-training

Whyyyyy? I play professional ultimate frisbee with the Toronto Rush. We have our first practice of the season tonight, so I wanted to kick it off with White Claws with the whole squad after practice.

Have you ever tried it before? Yeah, I had them for the first time in San Diego last fall. Ever since then I’ve become—at least among my friends—pretty synonymous with White Claw.