Introducing: Barton Snacks, the Annex’s new spot for ice cream and specialty chips (together at last)

Introducing: Barton Snacks, the Annex’s new spot for ice cream and specialty chips (together at last)

Barton Snacks sits, appropriately enough, on the corner of Barton and Bathurst, just north of Bathurst Station (Image: Susan Keefe)

The corner snack spot is a staple of any neighbourhood worth its salt, and the corner of Bathurst and Barton may have found just that in Barton Snacks. Owned and operated by Katherine Lehto and Chris Sherwood (from the Adelaide St. Pub), the quaint and kitschy shop opened its doors during the first week of June and has been supplying the area with ice cream and munchies ever since. We stopped in to get the scoop.

Barton Snacks has all the hallmarks of a classic canteen: vintage advertisements, nostalgic knick-knacks and even a jar of striped bendy straws next to the cash. A window-side L-shaped bar top paired with three vintage stools comprises the interior seating, while outside, Lehto and Sherwood added two more chairs for those who prefer to eat their ice cream al fresco. The chairs are surrounded by pots of vibrant flowers and an old-school rocking horse, creating a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

As the name suggests, Barton Snacks’ edible offerings are all about filling the hunger gap in between meals. The shop predominantly carries natural and locally sourced options, like chips fried in avocado oil and real fruit ice pops sweetened with cane sugar. While the likes of Coca-Cola (in glass bottles) and Cadbury are still welcome on their shelves, Lehto and Sherwood have made it their mission to supply health-conscious snackers with as many sort-of-healthy options as possible. On the less healthy side: ice cream from Maypole Dairy ($3.50–$5.50), floats ($5) made using any flavour of ice cream and soda, and ice cream sandwiches ($4.75), assembled using the customer’s choice of cookie and ice cream, then rolled in their preferred topping. Savoury options include grilled cheese sandwiches ($4.50), made with aged cheddar, smoked Gouda or a mild Swiss (there’s also a vegan option for $5.50). This is just the beginning for Lehto and Sherwood: their second location, in the Queen Dovercourt area, will focus on the late-night snack trade.

Barton Snacks, 15 Barton Ave.