Iceland loses its McDonald’s, This Is Why You’re Fat gets book deal, Top Chef spinoff coming to Bravo

Iceland loses its McDonald’s, This Is Why You’re Fat gets book deal, Top Chef spinoff coming to Bravo

The El Maco, advertised on this Icelandic McDonald's poster, is no more (Photo by Daniel Lobo)

• Icelanders looking for a fast-food fix will have to look somewhere other than McDonald’s. Bloomberg News reports that McDonald’s is closing all its restaurants in Iceland. The closure is being blamed on the collapse of Iceland’s economy and the fact that almost all ingredients must be imported to the island nation at great cost. [Bloomberg]

• The Globe takes an in-depth look at pumpkin beer as the seasonal brew of choice. Great Lakes Brewery’s Pumpkin Ale has sold so well in Ontario that it is now being exported to Manitoba. The beer has subtle notes of pumpkin, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon and allspice, all subordinate to an overall ale flavour. What a relief—“alcoholic pumpkin juice” doesn’t sound very appetizing. [Globe and Mail]

• The Star offers up ways to take the fun out of October 31 by having an “ethical Halloween.” One suggestion is to hand out chocolates with a card that highlights the horrors of cocoa farming. Another idea is to give children organic candy in such flavours as goji berry and ginger spice, coloured with extracts of vegetables like beets and red cabbage. Much like the houses that gave out apples or toothbrushes as treats, we’re sure children will flock to the organic candy houses. [Toronto Star]

• Bravo has ordered a reality show spinoff of its hit series Top Chef. The new show will centre on sweets and treats. Producers really pulled out all the stops in naming the new program—it will be called Just Desserts. When even cooking shows are getting spinoffs, perhaps it’s time to pause and examine North America’s love of reality TV. [L.A. Times]

• This Is Why You’re Fat, the blog dedicated to gluttony at its finest, has released a book. We love the glossy pictures glamorizing heart failure, but we’re just wondering: is there a single food blog left that doesn’t have a book deal? Oh, right. [Eat Me Daily]