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How to cook a pig’s head, the chocolate-and-meat trend, restaurants bribe Yelp users

• British chef Fergus Henderson, who espouses a nose-to-tail philosophy when it comes to eating animals, appears in a new video by the Guardian to demonstrate how to prepare an oft-neglected portion of pig—the entire head. Watch as the head is lovingly shaved, barber-style, before being infused with garlic and white wine and then roasted until crisp. [Guardian]

• Turns out that the “real reviews” from “real people” on Yelp may not be impervious to corruption. At least one U.S. restaurant is offering bribes of 20 per cent discounts in exchange for a review on the popular Web site. The review doesn’t have to be positive, but those willing to re-dine somewhere—and show their review to the staff—may find themselves slightly biased. [Gawker]

• Chocolate and meat are uniting in what appears to be a new trend. The Vancouver Sun cites nationwide examples of the two seemingly incompatible foods appearing in tandem: chorizo truffles at Xococava in Toronto, calabrese gelato (which includes salami) in Edmonton’s Oliver Square, and, in what may be the manliest new product to debut in years, Mo’s bacon bar by Vosges. [Vancouver Sun]

• Airlines are overhauling the meals they provide during domestic flights, the Wall Street Journal reports. Since 2001, many airlines have stopped providing free meals in coach class as a cost-cutting measure, opting instead to sell snacks with little nutritional value. Passengers can expect upgraded fare to include sushi, dried apricots and sage-infused Derby cheese. One can only hope that bacon bars will find their way onto that list. [Wall Street Journal]

• The FDA has concluded that a disgusting blob found by a Florida man inside a newly opened can of Pepsi was, of all things, a frog or a toad. [CNN]


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