Guys socially conditioned to think yogurt makes them gay: study

Guys socially conditioned to think yogurt makes them gay: study

Approved for dudes: bangers and gravy (Image: Alpha)

Turns out mancakes have scientific weight to them.

A study published last week by Northwestern University concluded that boys are taught that such foods as red meat and beer are associated with masculinity while vegetables and yogurt are feminine. As a result, the study says, men “tend to forgo their intrinsic preferences to conform to a masculine gender identity.” Well, insecure men who think eating a Yoplait equates to kissing another man.

In the study, male and female test subjects were asked to select between two dishes that had, in their names, stereotypically manly terms (heavy gravy, western salad, hearty) and womanly terms (white wine sauce, nature salad, luscious). The results showed that women stuck to the white wine sauces while the men went for the heavy gravy. However, male subjects who were given less time to choose between the dishes were less likely to order dude food, suggesting that societal pressures kick in if given enough time.

Of course, the study doesn’t reveal anything new (remember that episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry ordered a salad and his date gave him a “Dude, you gay?” look). What is slightly surprising is that these pressures still exist, even though people scoffed at the idea of no-homo cupcakes. When will society learn that deliciousness doesn’t discriminate, so why should we?