The luxury of the French Riviera is coming to Toronto this summer with an unmissable GREY GOOSE Vodka yachting experience

The luxury of the French Riviera is coming to Toronto this summer with an unmissable GREY GOOSE Vodka yachting experience

Bring seven friends on a private yachting journey complete with French canapés and three expert-led mixology sessions

For five days this summer, GREY GOOSE® Vodka is hosting a VIP yachting experience called Le Voyage that’s running from July 20 to 24. Picture this: you and seven of your best friends lounging on the bow of a private yacht, the iconic Toronto skyline reflecting into glass-calm waters, while you enjoy blissfully rhythmic beats. The thought alone is enough to make us lock up our laptops until September.

What are the details?

The sought-after GREY GOOSE series consists of a two-and-a-half-hour cruise for an intimate group of yourself, plus up to seven guests of your choosing, taking off from Ashbridges Bay and exploring the downtown shoreline and surrounding natural attractions like the Toronto Islands and Cherry Beach. On board, guests are treated like A-listers, with a personal host, gourmet French hors d’oeuvres from Toronto’s La Bréhandaise Market and Bobbette & Belle. Throughout the journey, guests can expect a floating performance from local DJ Elise Purdon—playing what’s sure to become the soundtrack to one of your most epic memories of the season. During the cruise, your onboard expert mixologist will also be leading a trio of GREY GOOSE Vodka mixology sessions. The cost is $1,200 (plus tax) in total, or $150 per person for up to eight guests—a relative steal when it comes to chartering private boats in Toronto, and practically nothing when you consider the onboard menu included (plus, you get to go home with exclusive GREY GOOSE limited-edition swag).

Why the French Riviera?

The nod to the French Riviera is a fitting experience for GREY GOOSE, whose vodka is made entirely in France from start to finish, using only two of the finest natural ingredients; Picardie’s finest soft winter wheat (the same stuff that makes the world’s much-beloved French croissants) and spring water from the Cognac region. The vodka’s unparalleled taste is why many consider it the best in the world. So really, if you’re going to enjoy a GREY GOOSE cocktail, whether it’s a classic vodka martini cocktail or refreshing tasting spritz, there’s no more appropriate place than on the bow of a luxury yacht, with linen clothes fluttering in the wind and panoramic views you’ll never forget.

How do I sign up?

At the height of summer, when everyone else is piling onto hot downtown patios, escaping onto a VIP yacht for the afternoon sounds like the perfect city break. And unlike the celebrity yachting experience, you won’t have to deal with any pesky paparazzi drones while enjoying the photo-worthy sights.

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July 20–24. 15 Ashbridges Bay Park Rd.