Celebrate National Espresso Day with GREY GOOSE at Après Dark

Celebrate National Espresso Day with GREY GOOSE at Après Dark

Espresso martini cocktails, anyone?

Over the past couple of years, the espresso martini cocktail has risen to the upper echelon of the cocktail world. Vogue recently deemed the concoction the “cocktail of our times,” and GQ devoted thousands of words on this trendy drink, walking readers through its storied history (the first one was apparently served in the early 1980s to a famous supermodel in an exclusive club in Soho). Even more recently, Timothée Chalamet sent the internet into a tailspin when the tousled-haired celeb was spotted sipping the moody drink on an NYC patio with Larry David the day after the Met Gala. The photos left fans swooning even more than usual.

National Espresso Day is around the corner and Grey Goose Vodka is giving Torontonians an excuse to channel their inner Parisian celeb by sipping the sophisticated beverage with fellow cocktail aficionados. The brand has teamed up with local Trinity Bellwoods café Nadège Patisserie and starting at 5 p.m. on the nights of November 23 and 24, the French pastry shop will be transformed into an after-hours cocktail club dubbed Après Dark (limited spots, sign up here)

A bevy of the city’s top bartenders will be pouring rich shots of premium Nadège espresso into Grey Goose’s signature vodka, combining the mixture with coffee liqueur and shaking over ice to create a velvety-smooth sensation and just the right amount of froth on top. Guests will receive one (1) complimentary espresso martini cocktail and a light dessert pairing. Limited edition GREY GOOSE VODKA Espresso martini cocktail SipKits will also be available for purchase on-site.

When it comes to mixing the ultimate espresso martini cocktail, the quality of each ingredient is paramount—especially the vodka, as its flavour profile grounds and finishes the cocktail. Grey Goose is the vodka of choice for cocktails for a reason: it’s crafted with just two natural ingredients–spring water from the Cognac region and single-origin wheat from the breadbasket of France. It’s 100 per cent traceable from crop to cork. From harvest to milling to single distillation to bottling, every step is crafted in France. It’s a distinct combination that’s ideal for espresso martini cocktails, perfectly complementing a strong espresso and sweet liqueur.

Of course, at Après Dark, Nadège will also be serving up a custom sweet treat to perfectly pair with the espresso martini cocktail. Over the past decade, Nadège has gone from a quaint corner bakery to a multiple-location institution with over 30,000 Instagram followers. Its legendary status in Toronto is thanks to its dedication to crafting authentic French treats such as powder-soft macarons, flaky chocolate croissants and artisanal bonbons. They don’t sacrifice a single step (or a dollop of butter) when it comes to traditional techniques and creative toppings. The location makes Après Dark an all-in-one destination for a nightcap and indulgent dessert (a real date-night win, if you ask us).

To score a spot at what’s sure to be one of the most memorable evenings of fall, all you have to do is sign up for an exclusive time slot online—it’ll guarantee you won’t have to fend off fellow cocktail lovers for space at the bar. Spots are sure to go quickly, so sign up here.

Event details:
Nadège—780 Queen St. W.
November 23 and 24 at 5 p.m., 30-minute slots.

*Must be legal drinking age to attend. All local COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced.