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Follow the Tweeter: More Toronto chefs, bars and restaurants hop on the Twitter wagon

Follow the Tweeter: More Toronto chefs, bars and restaurants hop on the Twitter wagon
The mighty T: Increasingly, Twitter is everywhere (including Toronto kitchens)

Chefs and restaurateurs across the city are heading into the Twitterverse in a big way. Since our last roundup of Toronto foodie feeds, the popularity of the on-line service has exploded, with Grant van Gameren, Anthony Walsh, Dufflet Rosenberg and many more joining the fray. We find ourselves addicted to the culinary dispatches from these local epicureans (unlike most inane tweets that detail what’s for dinner). Here, our latest guide to who’s tweeting what.

Black Hoof’s chief of charcuterie, Grant van Gameren, knows how to get followers hooked. He recently tweeted that he’ll offer a free dish to a lucky customer every so often. The rules? Van Gameren will tweet a special code (along with the name of the dish) on random days at 6 p.m. The first customer to mention the code to their server wins. [The Black Hoof on Twitter]

• Frequent tweeter chef Anthony Walsh from Canoe mostly chronicles the dinner service—surprise, it always ends well!—as well as his culinary travels throughout the province. When we last checked in, he was about to taste Jersey bull. [Anthony Walsh on Twitter]

• Twitter addict and apparent scuba diving enthusiast Martin Kouprie of Pangaea loves to chat with just about everybody in cyberspace, whether it’s food related or not (which is often the case). Recent topics include Iggy Pop’s ugliness and the possible extinction of sharks. [Martin Kouprie on Twitter]

• Over at the Distillery District, dessert destination The Sweet Escape keeps their feed full of daily cupcake specials and new concoctions. Does it qualify as food porn if there aren’t any pictures? [The Sweet Escape on Twitter]

• Ossington hotspot Jezebel Burlesque owner Giancarlo Spataro would like the Twitterverse to know that the club will be holding open auditions for its shows. For what it’s worth: Spataro also follows the cast of The Hills. [Jezebel Burlesque on Twitter]

Pizzeria Libretto frequently tweets about new ingredients and dinner specials. Starting today, they’ll be testing out a “locally inspired” four-course, $25 prix-fixe menu. [Pizzeria Libretto on Twitter]

• The city’s darling baker, Dufflet Rosenberg keeps a low profile with less than 70 followers (we’re sure that’ll soon change) and starts off every update with the words “sweet tweet,” followed by photos of her newest treats and general news about her bakery. [Dufflet Rosenberg on Twitter]

• Newbie tweeters at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen keep their pancake-centric tweets cute and funny by comparing their fluffy flapjacks to UFOs or incorporating them into the evil queen’s chant from Snow White. The resto doesn’t update often, but they’re always 140-character gems. [Mildred’s Temple Kitchen on Twitter]

The Tea Emporium will make individual tea suggestions when requested by their followers and share lovely photos of, what else, tea. [The Tea Emporium on Twitter]

Restaurant Makeover star and occasional tweeter Lynn Crawford keeps followers up-to-date on the status of her new cooking show and posts a the odd 140-character recipe. [Follow Lynn Crawford on Twitter]

The Royal York Hotel reports on its rooftop bee hives and how the resident queen is faring—that is, once one sorts through the deluge of tweets about local attractions. [Follow The Royal York on Twitter]

• The all-encompassing account for all things Canoe, Jump, Biff’s Bistro and Auberge du Pommier, Oliver and Bonacini keeps people in-the-know about chef appearances, menu changes and specials that can’t be found on the restaurants’ Web sites. [Follower Oliver and Bonacini on Twitter]

• King West bistro Brassaii keeps it professional with tweets on daily specials and menu changes. Among the notable users the restaurant is following are Global TV news anchor Leslie Roberts, General Motors and a fake Kim Kardashian. [Brassaii on Twitter]

• The guys at Steam Whistle Brewing are busy tweeting about their newest promo campaigns and sponsorship events. Still, considering it’s a widely known fact among Torontoians that free beer can be had at their Roundhouse headquarters everyday, what else do we need know? [Steam Whistle on Twitter]

• Of course, and Daily Dish are also on Twitter. Followers get our regular food, events and style dispatches, as well as notification of when new material goes up on our site. [Toronto Life on Twitter]


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