Five food fads we loathe

Five food fads we loathe

Five food fads we loathe: Bread

Places that Charge for bread

Yes, we’re looking at you, Drake One Fifty ($9), Electric Mud BBQ ($3.75) and Hudson Kitchen ($4).

Five food fads we loathe: Moroccan Tile

Moroccan tile

The flooring of the moment at THR & Co., Carmen, Bar Isabel, Drake One Fifty, and La Cubana. After a few drinks, the frantic geometric patterns induce vertigo.

Five food fads we loathe: The AWOL Hostess

The aWOL hostess

Now that everyone makes reservations online, there’s no need for a hostess at the door with a reservation book. Instead, she wanders around Playa Cantina, THR & Co. and Yours Truly, iPad in hand, and always seems to go missing right when we arrive.

Five food fads we loathe: Overwrought Tartare

Overwrought tartare

Too many chefs feel compelled to invent a signature variation (Bero’s venison tartare with balsam fir gel and eucalyptus), when classic mince and a wedge of rye is what we really crave.

Five food fads we loathe: Being Rushed Through Dinner

being Rushed through dinner

At Bar Isabel, THR & Co. and Hudson Kitchen, the waiter warns you that you only have the table for a limited window. Fine, we’re used to that. But they’ve barely set your cocktail down when they arrive with your appetizer. Pause for a sip of water and they snatch away your not-quite-done entrée.