Finally, Tim Hortons gets debit terminals

Finally, Tim Hortons gets debit terminals

We’re pretty sure this is all the fault of latte-sipping downtown elites. First Starbucks announced that it was going to make people wait longer for take more care with people’s drinks, regrettably leading to longer waits (FYI: the Starbucks at King and Yonge has apocalyptically bad lineups in the morning rush). And now even that bastion of rapidity, Tim Hortons, is caving to the demands of people who want to take longer to pay. The ubiquitous doughnut chain is about to break its Mastercard-only rule and let customers pay with debit cards.

According to the Globe and Mail:

The company says it will accept debit payment at about 90 per cent of its 3,000 locations across the country.

Three years ago it began taking MasterCard credit cards and introduced a prepaid gift card option.

Tim Hortons has accepted debit cards in Western Canada since 2003.

Wait, what? They’ve been able to pay with debit out west since the Iraq War started, but it’s taken two prime ministers for this magical technology to percolate out east? Are Calgarians more patient when it comes to waiting for someone to remember their debit code after the third try? Do Vancouverites not tap their feet and sigh as audibly as Torontonians do?

Hopefully, the delays in lineups won’t last too long: a Tim Hortons representative told the Toronto Star that the caffeine-monger is always looking for new ways to improve service, including potentially adopting Interac Flash, a no-touch form of payment similar to what’s offered by Mastercard.

Debit-swiping Timmies customers will be able to start trying our patience by the end of the month.

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