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Eddie Greenspan’s moment in the sun

Three days in, it’s pretty clear. With the cross-examinations of Gordon Eckstein and Maria Messina in the defence of Garth Drabinsky, Edward Greenspan seeks nothing short of vindication for his client and himself. After last summer’s mistake by the American lake, wherein his brutal cross-examination of David Radler had even his co-counsel objecting, Eddie is back on the beaten path—and loving it. This time, there are no more jack-in-the-box objections from impertinent Yankee grade schoolers. But there is plenty of time and latitude to roam through and excoriate the half-truths, prevarications and damnable lies of the Crown’s witnesses to what “they call crimes.”

Given this opportunity, Eddie is leaving little in the tank. In suggesting to Ms. Messina that her self-professed status as a benign whistle-blower was little more than an exercise in self-preservation, Eddie was in a full flight of mockery: “Were you thinking Walt Disney thoughts?...Do you view yourself as a saviour of the whole world?...What I’m talking about is the real world, what you are doing is make-believe.”

“Eddie’s being Eddie,” said one visiting legalist in evident admiration. “But let’s face it, he’s got a tough row to hoe.” This latter observation refers to the mountain of documentary evidence that the Crown has piled up, to which they direct their witnesses viva voce, and to which Eddie’s made scant reference to date. Still, it’s Eddie’s time and he’s making the most of it.

Livent ex-CFO’s position called ‘preposterous’ [Globe and Mail]• Accountant only ’fessed up when jig up, lawyer says [Toronto Star]


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