Five reasons to celebrate and pop that bubbly now

Five reasons to celebrate and pop that bubbly now

It’s time to toast everyday with Tenuta Sant’Anna Prosecco

The anticipation of popping a cork, feeling the prickly bubbles on your tongue, and making the toast: To your friends, to your loved ones, to your accomplishments. Bubbly has typically been saved to punctuate big milestones like graduations, birthdays or a wedding-day kiss, but if there’s anything the last year has taught us, it’s that every moment—big or small—is worth celebrating. It’s time to toast the everyday with Tenuta Sant’Anna Prosecco.

Now that summer is finally in full swing, there’s no better way to celebrate every moment in the sunny season than savouring a slim glass of Prosecco. Tenuta Sant’Anna Prosecco calls on the classic, mouth-watering flavours of summertime with every sip. The scent of pear, nuts and toast combine with notes of floral and chocolate. All together, the fusion of flavours will transport you and your palate back to Italy.

From Italy’s most beloved sparkling wine making region of Veneto in the northeastern part of the country, Tenuta Sant’Anna, the winery’s very first Prosecco, is now enjoyed throughout the world. So, if partaking in “la bella vita” isn’t excuse enough to celebrate, there are plenty of other reasons to raise a glass. For a start, celebrate as the province finally inches towards a near-full reopening, just as summer is in full swing. Here are 5 more reasons to stop saving your bubbly and drink to the here and now.

Toasting the new normal

Let Tenuta be your knight in shining armour at your first group get-together when your city opens (mostly) back up again. Take a few bottles out on the back patio or balcony and toast each other for making it through a global pandemic. It was hard, but you did it—that’s something to celebrate.

Seeing family for the first time in almost two years

Many Canadians have had to forego seeing family because of social distancing guidelines and stay-at-home orders. While you might’ve typically saved the sparkling wine for holidays, birthdays or other milestones, getting to see your family (chosen or otherwise) after all this time is now the biggest affair of them all. This is a moment a little bit of bubbly was made for.

Having a picnic

With more time being spent outdoors in the sunshine, why not plan a picnic? Whether it’s a romantic afternoon with your partner or an outing with the girls, a popped bottle is always welcome company. Looking to get back into the dating scene? Tenuta, with its affordable price point and luxurious taste, is the perfect third wheel to impress with, saving room in your bank account to ball out on high-end cheeses, stuffed olives and hors d’oeuvres.

Traveling for the first time in a while

Maybe your first post-pandemic trip is to a cottage with some girlfriends or camping up north. Even the shortest of distances will feel like a dream after sticking close to home. Wherever you go, take Tenuta with you. Pop it to celebrate the little things, like getting out of the house for a little change of scenery.

Nailing your self-care routine

From face masks to binge-watching your favourite TV shows, Ontarians have been ironing out their perfect self-care routine throughout the pandemic. What goes better with a bubble bath than bubbles from Italy? Next time you draw a bath for the evening, make sure to pour yourself a glass of Tenuta.

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