“Coolest espresso machine on the planet” is coming to Toronto

“Coolest espresso machine on the planet” is coming to Toronto

Excitement brewing: the Slayer espresso maker (Image: slayer-espresso.de)

Slayer is coming to Toronto.

No, we’re not talking about the speed metal gods who brought us “Angel of Death,” but a much-hyped and curiously named espresso machine. This is not one of those hammered-copper eagle-headed art pieces from Italy. The $18,000 machine is raising eyebrows because it offers the barista a palette of pressure options to work with, opening the door to all kinds of experimentation with espresso’s tastes and textures.

Fewer than 20 Slayers exist in coffee shops, according to tech site Gizmodo, and we’ll be seeing Toronto’s first and only one at the upcoming Thor Espresso Bar, which is set to open in early September at Bathurst and Niagara. Thor’s Twitter page calls Slayer “the coolest espresso machine on the planet.” A quick googling to determine the veracity of that statement led us to this video of coffee nerds playing around with the machine. Watching it, we think Thor just might be right.

Thor Espresso Bar
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