Conviction Kitchen over, but not the end of TV for Marc Thuet

Conviction Kitchen over, but not the end of TV for Marc Thuet

Zorich and Thuet at the opening of Conviction in 2009 (Image: Karon Liu)

It was fun while it lasted, but despite plans to eventually bring Conviction Kitchen to the U.S., next week’s season finale of the reality show will mark the end of the series, Eye Weekly reports. Chef Marc Thuet and partner Biana Zorich have put the kibosh on a third season of the reality show, since working away from Toronto is apparently making it too difficult for the couple to focus on their business here.

Things haven’t been going so well for restaurants affiliated with the show as of late. King West’s Conviction closed last month, and Delilah’s in Vancouver—the setting of Conviction Kitchen 2; its finale is on Sunday—is also toast. But the couple is busy with a number of other projects anyway, as we reported in October, including a new Toronto restaurant, expected to open in 2012, to be staffed by members of the former Conviction team. And, as Thuet hinted on Twitter last night, he’s not done with television just yet: “Another show is in the works.”

For Conviction Kitchen diehards, perhaps the Australian spinoff could fill the void—because we all know how great spinoffs usually are.

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