Conrad Black’s legal tormentor gets new job, salary bump

Conrad Black’s legal tormentor gets new job, salary bump

The Chicago Tribune notes today that Conrad Black’s tormentor-in-chief, Eric Sussman, has moved on to head up the regulatory enforcement and white-collar litigation practice at Chicago firm Kaye Scholer, a top-tier U.S. litigation shop. Sussman is all atwitter at his new prospects and considerable salary bump:

I am thrilled to be joining Kaye Scholer’s pre-eminent Regulatory Enforcement and White Collar Litigation practice. I look forward to working with my fellow litigators throughout the United States in representing our clients and to further develop our practice.

In announcing his appointment, the firm listed his bona fides:

Among the cases that Mr. Sussman handled personally were the successful corporate securities and tax fraud prosecution of Conrad Black and other top executives of Hollinger International relating to the embezzlement of millions of dollars from the corporation.

He joins the firm June 1—just four days before the Seventh Circuit hears Black’s appeal. I wonder if he’ll take an hour off to hear whether his résumé holds up under scrutiny.

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