Conrad Black looking to teach, rewrite history

Conrad Black looking to teach, rewrite history

He haunts us still. Conrad Black—newly minted instructor of American history at Coleman Federal Correctional Institute—takes his case before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals this Thursday, with the help of his able appeals lawyer, Andrew Frey. Oral arguments are limited to a half-hour on both sides, with yellow and red lights aflashin’ to ensure a timely disposal of the arguments. Steve Skurka has a piece on the National Post’s Web site that neatly summarizes the case on both sides.

Beyond that, The Guardian notes that Black has resigned as a director of Britain’s influential Catholic Herald, though he was, as of last November, still listed as owning 45 per cent of that publication.

And finally, an unnamed source in Chicago tells the Post that behind-the-scenes documents are being readied for former House Speaker Denny Hastert, so that he might appeal to the outgoing president for a pardon on Black’s behalf.

Needless to say, the better bet resides with the Court of Appeals—though even that’s a long shot.

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