Chefs—they’re just like us! New app reveals the snacking habits of Toronto’s culinary elite

Chefs—they’re just like us! New app reveals the snacking habits of Toronto’s culinary elite

Chefs Feed
(Image: Emma McIntyre)

Chefs Feed is a social networking app that lets chefs share their favourite restaurant dishes with eager foodie followers (think a hyper-exclusive version of Yelp where only famous people are allowed to leave reviews). The app, which has been available in the U.S. since 2011, launched in Toronto earlier this month, and some big-name chefs, including David Chang, Susur Lee and Daniel Boulud, have already signed up. Here, a few preliminary insights into the eating habits of Toronto’s top chefs.

They’re just as obsessed with tacos and ramen as everyone else
All things bathed in dashi and encased in corn are heavily represented. Among the faves: fish tacos from Grand Electric and miso ramen from Santouka.

They like to help a brother out
Anyone who follows chefs on Twitter knows they’re all about the reciprocal shout-out. No surprise, then, to find some serious cross-endorsement between chefs like Momofuku’s David Chang, Café Boulud’s Daniel Boulud, Bar Isabel’s Grant van Gameren and Buca’s Rob Gentile.

They can’t decide who makes the best pizza
Not even chefs can agree on who’s winning the city’s pizza wars. Terroni comes out slightly ahead of the pack with three votes, followed by Mamma’s with two and a handful with one, including Libretto, Fabbrica and Strada 241.

They certainly enjoy their junk…
Out of 170-odd dish endorsements, there are only three salads. Compare: 20 sandwiches, 12 pizzas, six pastas and five burgers.

…particularly big, sloppy, pork-stuffed sandwiches
Pig is still big. Among the picks: pork buns from Momofuku and The County General; peameal-bacon on a bun from Carousel Bakery; pulled pork from Leslieville Pumps and Electric Mud; and from The Beast on King West the outrageous Beastwich, a pork gravy–smothered fried chicken thigh sandwich with fried egg and pimento cheese.