Celebrate Robbie Burns day at a hip Scotch Egg Club on King West

Celebrate Robbie Burns day at a hip Scotch Egg Club on King West

There’s no need to get decked out in plaid or pretend to like bagpipes to celebrate this year’s Robbie Burns Day. On January 25th, Dewar’s Scotch Whisky is hosting a pop-up snack bar on King West to fête the famed Scottish poet’s birthday. Dubbed the “Scotch Egg Club: Snack + Dram Bar”, the rowdy, one-night-only bash combines the ultimate Scottish Canadian snack mashup and delicious whisky cocktails.

The yearly Scotch Egg Club, which launched in Brooklyn and has popped up around the world, was inspired by 19th century founder Tommy Dewar’s three passions: whisky, games and…chickens (the family used to raise them and harvest some of the world’s best eggs). Attendees can indulge in a mix of traditional Scottish and Canadian fare (think: poutine topped with haggis gravy OR think scotch eggs breaded in ketchup chips), sample perfectly paired Dewar’s cocktails and participate in plenty of fun, alcohol-fuelled group games.

Plus, the evening will be hosted by hilarious, award-winning British comedian and cook, George Egg (yes, that’s his real last name). Known as the “anarchist cook”, guests can expect to see absurd live demos and watch as props like power tools are used to highlight punchlines. Seriously raucous belly laughs are guaranteed.

You’re officially invited to celebrate the life of the legendary Mr. Burns and Tommy Dewar in true Scottish spirit. Sláinte! A limited number of tickets are available to the public at eventbrite.ca.

The Details
What: Dewar’s Scotch Egg Club
Where: 461 King St. W.
When: January 25, 2018
Cost: $25

Scotch Egg Club recipes:

Here are a trio of recipes that will provide a Scotsman-approved buzz ahead of the big day.


1.5 parts DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky
.75 parts Lemon juice
.75 parts Honey syrup
3 slices fresh ginger
Candied ginger garnish

Using a wooden muddler, muddle the fresh ginger in the bottom of a cocktail shaker until it is well-mashed. Add the blended Scotch, lemon juice, and honey syrup, and fill shaker with ice. Shake until chilled (about 20 seconds). Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass (you may wish to double strain through a fine tea strainer to remove the small flecks of ginger), and spray the Islay Scotch over the top.


2 parts DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky
1 parts Martini Rossi (Sweet Vermouth)
3 dashes bittercube Corazon bitters
Garnish with lemon twist

Simply stir and strain into a rocks glass with a large ice cube.


1.5 parts DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky
.75 parts Lemon juice
.50 parts Simple syrup
.25 parts Crème du mure
Blackberry garnish

Add all ingredients (except the crème de mure) to the glass. Fill with crushed ice and stir. Top with more crushed ice and then drizzle crème du mure on top. Garnish with a fresh blackberry.