Canada escapes the haters’ list of the world’s worst food

Canada escapes the haters’ list of the world’s worst food

Bangers and mash: British cuisine shatters no stereotypes (Image: Andy Bullock)

When it comes to gastronomical atrocities, it seems bangers and mash and sauerkraut are more poorly regarded than poutine and peameal bacon. The Huffington Post has published the results of an ongoing Titanic Awards survey that names the top nine countries with the worst national cuisine. Much to our delight, the survey of over 2,000 people from more than 80 countries didn’t name Canada among the worst offenders.

Great Britain, with almost 25 per cent of the vote, took the top (bottom?) spot for its high-carb potato jubilations. The United States came in second, with 10 per cent, for its packaged and deep-fried pseudo-foods. The rest of the list is rounded out by China (3.8 per cent), Russia (3 per cent), Germany (2.7 per cent), Australia (2.2 per cent), Ireland (1.9 per cent), Philippines (1.8 per cent) and the Netherlands (1.7 per cent).

The poll is ongoing, so take a look at some of the other picks and voice your contentions in the 2010 survey.

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