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Brampton man asks council to permit extra backyard chickens (proving his city is cooler than Toronto)

Brampton resident and sometime poultry freedom fighter Joe Arlotto is doing everything he can to make sure his city looks cooler and more permissive than Toronto—at least when it comes to backyard chickens. Toronto councillors recently killed any hopes that our fair burg might allow its residents to keep laying hens in their backyards, meaning Brampton remains the only city in the GTA where chickens can still run free. Not satisfied with his city’s unusually relaxed stance on the birds, Arlotto recently asked Brampton councillors to allow him to add four more chickens and a rabbit to his collection (he already has two of each), purely for his family’s enjoyment. Arlotto’s property is 1.7 acres, and the Brampton Guardian reports that, at times, he’s had as many as two dozen animals on his property. If Arlotto doesn’t get his wish, we recommend he adopt the methods of Toronto chicken owners: buy a sweet mask, ignore the rules, and enter the chicken underground. Read the entire story [Brampton Guardian] »


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