A perfect match: Pairing Bonterra’s organic wines with Toronto’s top takeout meals

A perfect match: Pairing Bonterra’s organic wines with Toronto’s top takeout meals

Make every day Earth Day with these delicious pairings, including organic wines from award-winning California producer Bonterra

Of the many concerns uniting contemporaries, being socially responsible to our community and environment—in everything from the purchasing decisions we make to the food we eat—ranks high. And when it comes to choosing what to drink, drinking responsibly has never been easier, or more environmentally conscious, than tippling on Bonterra Wines. 

A trailblazer in organic and sustainable winemaking practices since 1987, Bonterra’s commitment to organic viticulture, sustainability and the environment began long before organic products became mainstream in California. Certified Biodynamic® by Demeter, the estate vineyards are self-contained and self-sustaining, encouraging biodiversity by recruiting natural partners, such as bees to fertilize the property’s native plants. The latter, in turn, distract pests from the pesticide-free producing vines.

Besides being TRUE zero-waste and CarbonNeutral®, Bonterra’s belief that high-quality fruit leads to the production of better wines manifests as a collection of premium, flavourful but understated wines. Embodying everything that’s refined and elegant about California wines without the pretence or expense of the market leaders, Bonterra has been recognized by Wine Enthusiast as the 2016 American Winery of the Year for its outstanding varietal and single-vineyard wines that are grown in 100-per cent certified organic vineyards.

Being eco-conscious doesn’t just feel good, but also tastes good. Complement great takeout that’s made with sustainable ingredients with consumer-friendly Bonterra wines—available in Vintages at the LCBO—to discover how delicious the taste of saving the planet can be.  

Pair #1: Bar Sybanne & Bonterra

Bottle of Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon WineRestaurant: Bar Sybanne, 229 Ossington Ave, https://www.barsybanne.com/ 

Dish: Vegetarian Kibbeh Sliders, $25 

Pairing: Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon

Known as the king of red wine grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon commands an almost cult-like following from California wine aficionados. Prized for its dry, full-body, Cabernets have high tannins and complex properties that are superb with umami-rich mains like grilled steaks or portobello mushrooms. 

For Bonterra Cabernet Sauvignon, winemaker Jeff Cichocki has created a Cabernet-dominant blend using small amounts of other red varietals that add texture and a bit of spice. Bright with cherry, currant and raspberry aromas, polished cocoa tannins and balanced acidity, the wine’s dried herbs and toasted oak notes are excellent when paired with the Vegetarian Kibbeh Sliders from contemporary Mediterranean restaurant, Bar Sybanne. Topped with roast apple mustard, harissa aioli and pickled onions, the trio of Impossible™ Burger—a sustainable, plant-based ground meat-alternative—patties are difficult, natch, impossible to differentiate from the kitchen’s beef and lamb version. 

Pair #2: Paintbox Bistro & Fetzer

Restaurant: Paintbox Bistro, 555 Dundas St. E., https://www.paintboxbistro.ca/  

Dish: Halal Chicken Sandwich, $14

Pairing: Fetzer Chardonnay

A leading brand in value-priced wines, Bonterra’s founding company, Fetzer Vineyards, has been recognized for their commitment to regeneration. Like Fetzer, Regent Park-based Paintbox Bistro is an award-winning hospitality hub and social enterprise that’s also a Certified B Corporation. Promoting positive change in under-serviced communities, the catering company and bistro’s takeout menu includes a scrumptious Halal Chicken Sandwich that nestles crispy chicken breast, pickles and chipotle aioli between two halves of a rosemary sesame brioche bun. Accompanied by a side of soup or homemade fries, the comfort classic is a great purpose-driven match with medium-bodied Fetzer Chardonnay. Besides being extra dry, the California Chardonnay is fresh with ripe pear and apple flavours, tropical fruits, vanilla aromas and a hint of nuts and toast—characteristics that balance the sandwich’s richness without overwhelming the mild poultry. 

Pair #3: LOV & Trivento

Restaurant: LOV, 620 King St. W., Suite 102, https://lov.com/en/restaurants/lov-kingwest-toronto/

Dish: Mushroom risotto, $20.75 

Pairing: Trivento Malbec Reserve

Parent company and Chilean wine giant, Concha y Toro, count Bonterra and Argentina’s Bodega Trivento as wineries in its portfolio that practice sustainable viticulture and winemaking. The latter’s Malbec Reserve is a full-bodied wine made from 100-per cent Malbec that’s spent 6 months in medium toasted French oak barrels. The result is a deep red wine with soft, supple tannins, plus vanilla and coconut aromas that balance big and bold dark berry flavours. A great match for grilled meats and rib-sticking stewed dishes, the velvety intense wine also stands well next to LOV’s hearty and rich mushroom risotto. Studded with green peas and Paris mushrooms, the restaurant’s signature dish crowns cashew cream-bathed Arborio rice with meaty roasted oyster mushrooms and vegan parmesan. An acronym for local, organic and vegan, LOV’s procurement of organic ingredients used in their plant-based, refined comfort cuisine is a natural pairing with Trivento. 

It’s even easier to get your favourite bottle of Bonterra wine through the TL x Runner Storefront. Simply search for the bottle that pairs well with your meal, add it to your cart, and apply promo code TLBONTERRA for free delivery.