Toronto’s five best pizzas

Toronto’s five best pizzas

If the hour-long lineups at Libretto are any indication, Toronto’s thin-crust lust has never been more fierce. Five slices for pizza lovers with artisanal appetites.

The duck confit pizza from Pizzeria Libretto (Photo by Daniel Shipp)

Proving the maxim “you can never be too rich or too thin,” the luxurious duck confit pizza adds cream, mozz and bosc pear to this otherwise traditional Neapolitan crust. $16. Pizzeria Libretto.

A tomato sauce–less beauty with figs, mozza­rella, gorgonzola, prosciutto and arugula that’s even better than Terroni’s beloved C’t Mang. $17. Terroni Adelaide.

This vegetarian favourite pairs grilled artichoke with mint and gets a final unction of pecorino shavings and olive oil when it emerges from the oven. $12. Mangia and Bevi.

Fior di latte bocconcini melt into a simple house-made sauce of sweet tomato and fresh basil. $16.95. Via Allegro, 1750 The Queens­way, 416-622-6677.

A crisp, smoky crust is smeared with a deep red tomato sauce. Satisfyingly salty, the napoletana delivers an Italian-style umami punch with anchovies and briny black olives. $11.50. Marcello’s Pizzeria.