Top Five: the best brunch destinations in Toronto

Top Five: the best brunch destinations in Toronto

The very best of the Sunday bunch

Top Five: Toronto's best brunch spots
Bar Buca (Image: Dave Gillespie)

1 At Bar Buca, pictured above, chef Rob Gentile mixes fresh pig’s blood into the batter for his crêpes, then slathers them with dark chocolate, cream and a spiced liquor. It’s wacky and ridiculously indulgent. 75 Portland St., 416-599-2822.

2 Swiss-born chef Léonie Lilla offers five splendid brunch items each weekend at Farmer’s Daughter, including buckwheat waffles topped with crispy frog legs and drizzled with a sweet-tart maple syrup and red wine reduction. 1588 Dupont St., 416-546-0626.

3 Susur Lee’s Luckee serves posh dim sum all day on pedestal plates, prettified with edible flowers. He coats rings of squid in “golden sand”—a seasoning that hits the ideal balance of salty and spicy. 328 Wellington St. W., 416-935-0400.

4 Takht-e Tavoos, the sunny Iranian brunch restaurant, is loaded with murals, pottery and chandeliers. We love the noon chai shireen, a classic breakfast dish of warm flatbread with halvah, feta, tahini and orange blossom jam. 1120 College St., 647-352-7322.

5 At County General Riverside, the new east-end spinoff of the comfort food destination at Queen and Shaw, brunch offerings include syrup-drizzled French toast topped with crackling southern fried chicken. 798 Queen St. E., 416-781-4743.